Meet the Challenge with LAUFE


plantThe goals of Latin Americans United for Education (LAUFE) are to highlight and promote higher education. The organization uses the range of talents in our team of professionals in this exclusive program that works effectively in partnerships with schoolteachers and directors.

LAUFE identifies the challenges and barriers that Latino students face in elementary, junior high, high school and college. LAUFE promotes the importance of being a Latino youth and the advantage of speaking Spanish and English and/or more than one language to compete in the professional world.

The organization also promotes the involvement of parents in their child’s education and supports students in continuing school. Education is the key to succeed in modern life.


keyLatin Americans United for Education (LAUFE) leadership strives every day to partner with business, non-profit organizations, government agencies and private corporations. The commitment is to offer scholarships and other resources every year to high school and college students. The scholarship program’s purpose is to make an investment in sponsoring future business professionals and community leaders.

Latino High School StudentsOutreach

LAUFE is committed to work hard for outreach to engage entities to invest in this generation of professionals. The legacy for this generation of professionals is based on our commitment to promote education and generate partnerships to bring success.

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